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At TIAHRA each jewel is created by artisans

We mix our Spanish and Indian culture to create exclusive and original jewelry


The most sought after by our clients!


The designs are the result of moments that inspire us…

Celebrations, events and family occasions, experiences and sensations; intertwined with the two cultures that serve as the basis for our brand and each of our creations. Thus, our designs sparkle tradition and modernity, capturing our artistic vision and evoking the emotions of those who happily wear them.

Our dream...

Our goal

May you wear our earrings hanging from your ears, a ring on your finger, a necklace around your neck, and all eyes on you! Because our pieces reflect the personality, essence and identity of the person who wears them.

The inspiration comes from you

our designs

Coming from a family of jewelers, we have always been passionate about this world and that of fashion. We look for inspiration in current trends, what we hear from our own clients, their tastes and desires, and we adapt them to the designs that we create ourselves.

Our pieces are hypoallergenic as there is no presence of nickel. To clean them, use a paper towel or a lint-free cloth, our jewels will thank you by staying by your side for longer. Whenever you have any questions about the care of your jewelry you can contact us.

There are not enough days of the year to wear TIAHRA

TIAHRA a jewel for every day

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Eternal jewels like happy memories

Designed for daily use

Thinking of you and the use you usually give to jewelry, we are always alert to the needs and requests of our clients, so we come up with comfortable and versatile designs for an elegant everyday look that succeeds!


Rings: the perfect accessory

It is said that personality is the best accessory you carry with you, and it is in your hands! There is no garment that expresses personality more than our impressive gold rings and touches of color through precious stones direct from India.


handmade jewelry

One by one, this is how we make our jewelry, because we create works of art that you will love and wear, like our best seller "in the making". At TIAHRA we are designers of handmade masterpieces with our hearts.


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high jewelery

The green semi-precious stones give a distinctive touch as a jewelry accessory.

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