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Original Rings

Many times we want to get out of the ordinary and opt for an original and different accessory, a jewel with which we feel comfortable but at the same time a jewel with a particular touch.

At Tiahra we have thought of that type of women who are looking for an original ring so as not to go unnoticed. How have we achieved it? For many reasons; First of all, because by wearing natural stones we ensure that no two rings are the same, due to the peculiarities of each gem, both morphological and compositional. In addition, the manufacturing process is by hand, so in the finishes we will also see details that give each ring a personal, unique and different touch.

On the other hand, we are dealing with ethnic jewels, typical Indian jewels, difficult to find outside the country, jewels with gems extracted in Jaipur with truly surprising colors and shapes.

If to all this we add the characteristic that almost all our rings have of being able to adjust to the size we want, the result is an original jewel, different from what you can buy in traditional channels.

What do we look for in an original jewel?

Above all that it is wearable, we cannot fall into the risk of buying an extravagant jewel that we will never wear. We are used to seeing original and exclusive dresses that are difficult to wear on fashion catwalks around the world. It is not practical to buy a jewel that we do not use later, so before buying a piece you should see if it is your style.

If you still have not decided after reading these lines to buy an original ring , visit our section of rings and surely you will be tempted.

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