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Jewelery Online

A beautiful piece of jewelry can become the main element of a style. For this reason, in recent years costume jewelery has become increasingly important in the usual clothing stores. However, just like with clothes, it's hard to find different jewelry that your friends or co-workers aren't wearing.

One solution is online jewelry stores. These stores usually offer jewelry with different designs than the stores where we usually buy clothes. However, we find ourselves with the problem of the idea that is associated with costume jewellery. Traditionally, a somewhat derogatory meaning is attributed to it, such as poor quality, although it does not have to be that way.

In fact, in recent years a new term has appeared: high fashion jewellery , whose products or pieces are positioned between costume jewelery and jewellery. Fine jewelery is characterized by a meticulous and artisan production process and by the use of high-quality materials such as semi-precious stones or gold.

An example of high-end jewelry brands online is the well-known TOUS, or Aristocrazy, the latter a bit more recent. Both have their own online store, although they also have a physical presence. Its pieces integrate high quality materials, although they are not precious, so they are not considered high jewelry products. This is precisely what allows their high-end jewelry pieces to be affordable , even if it is higher than that of a similar piece of low-cost jewelry.

Like these two large firms, Tiahra is positioned as a high-end jewelry online . However, unlike the previous ones, in Tiahra we have very few pieces of the same design. And, as we have said on other occasions, due to the handmade process of making the jewels, in Tiahra no two pieces are exactly alike. We believe that this is an added value for the woman who purchases the piece, because it will be unique.

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