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Fashion Bangles

Bracelets are a complement that, far from going out of style, are seen more and more frequently.

Sometimes we receive queries asking us the difference between a bracelet and a bracelet. In this article we will try to explain what a bracelet is and why it is used as a fashion accessory.

A metal or other material ring that is placed around the arm as an ornament or for other purposes is called a bracelet .

For the Romans it was a military award that they took from the Persians and the Medes: it consisted of a gold, silver or metal ornament in the shape of a ring that the soldiers of the legions received from their general as a reward for a distinguished act in war action. and they carried it on their right arm. It used to be made of metals taken from the enemy and on each one the name of the winner was generally engraved, the action that had earned him that distinction and the general that the chief had commanded. Some legionaries wore two or more bracelets, but without the inscriptions, to show the result they had taken on the enemy.

On the contrary, a bracelet is a metal fence or other material that is used as a decorative element on the wrists. There are also models made for the ankles but these are commonly called "anklets". This is an object that is also used as a complement and is used above all by women.

The bracelet differs from the bracelet by the fact that it is more ornate than the common bracelet, since it is generally embedded with precious stones. It also tends to be worn above the wrist, or in some cases the elbow. They are usually very large.

A little trick to differentiate the bracelet from the bracelet would be to go to the etymological meaning of each word. If you look at the two words, bracelet comes from the word arm, it means that it is worn on the elbows, below the shoulders. The word bracelet comes from pulse, that is, they are worn on the wrists.

In the photograph that accompanies this article, you can see a bracelet model from our firm, bathed in gold with embedded semiprecious stones. The golden color together with the Agates and drusen stones make this bracelet quite an elegant model.

It is a complement for the modern woman, designed to be worn with informal and daring looks.

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