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Jewelry Catalog

As we already mentioned in a previous post, we have recently launched a website in Tiahra. The reason that led us to make this decision was, mainly, to provide you with a better service. This new website offers many more services and utilities, as well as better visibility of the catalog of our jewels .

Making use of new technologies, we have created a space that is much more modern and up-to-date, as well as more complete, but with much more intuitive and simple navigation that is more dynamic for you.

Now, the Tiahra catalog offers a classification of exclusive jewels by type and it is much easier to see the different models of the same piece with a simple mouse pass. In addition, if you have a jewel with certain characteristics in mind beforehand, we offer you the possibility of making a more specific search in our catalog through the different filters that we have created, such as the color of the jewel, the gem it is made of, etc.

And, as a detail, you can see a small "new" label on all those products that have recently been added to the catalog , so that it is more comfortable for you when it comes to seeing all the news from Tiahra.

We have also added the option to create your own wishlist . We believe that it is very useful so that you can add the different jewels that you like from our catalogue , so that if, for example, you have to make a gift or you are the one who wants to receive a jewel, you can access this list easily and remember which were your favorite pieces.

Another novelty regarding the jewelry catalog is the outlet section. It doesn't sit next to the other categories, but is a section by itself. Be attentive and take a look from time to time so as not to miss any discount, since the jewels in this section change frequently.

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