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Fashion necklaces

Today accessories are the latest trend when it comes to creating a look . Accessories such as fashionable necklaces , earrings or bracelets become the protagonists of certain outfits. And it is that accessories and complements have the ability to make a style not go unnoticed and to make a difference. For this reason, in this post we are going to talk about accessories , specifically necklaces.

The latest trend in necklaces are maxi necklaces, specifically those made with beads and beads or with rhinestones. These types of necklaces are the ones that are combined with those that transform a simple look into one that is striking and full of personality. However, most of the necklaces that we can find in the most common fashion stores can be very similar to each other; It is increasingly difficult to find different and distinctive necklaces.

Some necklaces of this type are more casual in style and are for everyday wear, while others, especially those with a lot of rhinestones, are more commonly seen on special occasions. Although if you are one of the daring ones, you will surely look great with all the accessories regardless of the situation.

At Tiahra we are aware of this need for exclusivity and, therefore, our handmade necklaces have a unique design. Made with natural stones from India and with the utmost delicacy, each one of them has a different finish due to the nature of the stones. Therefore, each Tiahra necklace is unique and exclusive.

On the other hand, in addition to the short XXL necklaces , there is another more minimalist trend in terms of fashion in necklaces. This trend is for long, thin necklaces with some pendant detail. Aware of this trend, at Tiahra we have also created designs inspired by this type of accessory.

These types of necklaces combine perfectly with most daily looks and, in addition, many of them can also be adapted to other more elegant outfits.

But, in addition to this type of fashion necklaces , many of our firm's necklaces have their own style, as it is our philosophy, exclusivity and differentiation.

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