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There is widespread confusion between jewellery, high jewellery, costume jewelery or haute couture . In this article we will try to explain what jewelery is and the advantages of buying online.

The jewelery uses very different materials, from brass wires to cultured pearls, for example. Objects made of metals or their alloys usually have a coating of noble material, such as gold, silver, or rhodium. Depending on the quality of the coating, an ornament can be costume jewelry or fine jewelry.

In jewelry chains and pendants, brass plated with layers of gold between 1 and 5 microns thick is usually used to prevent the formation of eczema or epidermal alterations caused by allergic reactions.

Sales of Jewelery in Spain

The jewelery and accessories industry in Spain is an important economic activity, which is evidenced by the fact that this country is among the top three exporters in Europe along with France and Italy.

Definition of Jewelery

To dig deeper into the topic, let's discuss the definition of this term to dig deeper into the topic.

The first definition of jewelry in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is an industry that produces ornaments, made of non-precious materials . Another meaning of jewelry in the dictionary is a store or store where these objects are sold. Costume jewelery is also these same ornaments .

The word jewelery comes from the French bijouterie .

Costume jewelery is the industry that produces ornamental objects or materials that imitate jewelry but are not made of precious materials.

Costume jewellery: Jewelry that does not use precious materials is called costume jewellery, although sometimes it imitates them. With different techniques and materials, the artisans who make costume jewelery create pieces of great artistic value. Necklaces with beads and natural stones, earrings or tendrils with the shine of crystal are handicrafts and crafts that easily adapt to the dictates of fashion.
Synonyms of jewelery
As synonyms we find words such as trifle, trinket, pedlar, trifle and tinsel.

A little history

The ancient peoples provided themselves with shells, stones or flowers in order to make their accessories and thus be able to obtain magical powers. In ancient Egypt, apart from its decorative aspect, jewels had magical and religious functions both due to their shapes and the materials used.

In the Middle Ages, jewelery was reserved for religious and sovereigns as well as for merchants. These were then a symbol of authority.


Around 1700, jewelery is made with glass, which gave it a certain importance, but it was not until almost a century later, in 1800, that jewelery made of semi-precious materials entered the market.

In the middle of the 20th century, during the industrial revolution, it began to be manufactured with semi-precious materials, the use of them in manufacturing gave access to the mass of costume jewelery.

Today it is recognized as an art.


For the elaboration of objects, costume jewelery uses various materials, such as porcelain, brass wires, paper pulp, cultured pearls, etc.

Objects made of metals or their alloys usually have a coating of noble material, such as gold, silver, or rhodium. Depending on the quality of the coating, a fine jewelery ornament of this type can become practically indistinguishable from a jewel, logically, to a non-expert person.

Precious metals are usually very dense and therefore the small pieces that are made with them are quite heavy for their size. A good substitute, at least in terms of density, is usually lead alloys.

Handmade jewelery

Handmade jewelry is one that is made totally or partially by hand.

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