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Indian jewelry

Many times we look for original jewelry, we look for that different and exclusive accessory that makes us feel different from the rest. Our jewelry firm seeks the same objective, to meet the demand of those looking for a unique and different jewel.


For this we manufacture our pieces by hand in India and use natural stones from the country. The traditional manufacturing process is combined with the use of typical Indian elements. The result is ethnic jewelry that is difficult to find in traditional stores.

Indian jewels are pieces with their own identity, accessories that evoke the typical color of India thanks to their semi-precious stones such as Druza, lapis lazuli or moonstone, among others. Talking about traditional jewelry, the rich history of the country and the change that the county and its compatriots have experienced. Along with this comes the fashion sense of traditionalism as an unusual variety of jewelry has been made over the centuries. As they say India is a mix of different colors with different people living together. Thus, fashion jewelry, you can attend amlange of cultures, thoughts and the different interpretations of beauty.

To the typical design of India, in the case of TIAHRA, the fusion with Spanish fashion is added thanks to the extensive experience in the world of Spanish jewelry of the members of our staff. This union of cultures gives rise to a jewel with a strong personality and a marked character.

If you are looking for a different jewel with which to be the center of attention, do not miss our collection of jewels from India, it will not leave you indifferent.

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