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Indian jewelry

Tiahra's jewelery is jewelery from India . All the pieces have a strong Indian inspiration, characterized by their exotic designs and striking color combinations, although adapted to the latest trends in Spanish jewelry.

These pieces are made with semi-precious stones imported from Jaipur , an Indian city traditionally known worldwide for its great mineral wealth and jewelry making. Furthermore, India is also characterized by its passion for gold. For this reason, Tiahra's jewelry is a combination of semi-precious stones with gold.

In the last year, Indian gems and jewelry have increased their production by 5% and it is the subsector that grows the most year after year in this country. In addition, the sector accounts for 14% of India's total merchandise exports, with gold being the preferred metal among these; Data that allows us to get an approximate idea of ​​the importance of the jewelry sector in India.

As we have already mentioned on occasion, Tiahra is a jewelry firm from India that positions itself as fine jewelry. This is achieved by taking maximum care of all the details in the craft manufacturing process, as well as using high-quality materials. For this reason, all the pieces are made of brass and later a 24k gold bale is added, a 2 micron bath and a special e-coating for jewels, which allows the jewelery to extend its life.

As for the gems used in Tiahra's jewelry, the amethyst, quartz, malachite, citrine, agates, onyx, moonstone, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite or labradorite stand out. Each of these stones has its own physical properties, but, in addition, a series of different spiritual properties are traditionally attributed to each of them, depending on their energetic properties. For this reason, Indian jewelry has been used since ancient times in healing therapies or as protective amulets.

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