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Fashion Jewelry

If you are one of those who likes to be trendy, if you are always behind the trends and if you consider yourself a "fashion victim", the advice that we are going to give you about fashion jewelry will be of interest to you.

When we make our jewelry collections, we always think of who is going to wear them, we think of a modern and carefree woman capable of wearing them on any type of occasion. That is why we design jewelry for all kinds of occasions and for any look, whether serious or informal.

All our jewels are bathed in gold, which gives them a touch of elegance that is presupposed in all jewels. The other element present in all our collections is the typical color of India that is faithfully represented with the inlays of semi-precious stones brought expressly from the country.

In this sense, the Tiahra jewelry firm has managed to merge the best of both cultures, the "made in Spain" design with typical elements of India, such as its natural stones as well as the manufacturing process.

The result is jewels that do not go out of style, timeless, unique and exclusive jewels. No two jewels are the same, both due to the very nature of each stone and the process of making them by hand. Both the rings and the bracelets are adjustable in many of their designs, a great advantage without a doubt if what we want is to give the jewel without knowing the size for sure. Likewise, this versatility in some of the jewels in the collection means that we can use the accessory where it suits us best (we do not always have to wear the jewel in the same hand or on the same finger).

In its desire to design fashion jewelry, the Tiahra brand constantly renews its collections, innovating both in manufacturing processes and in the selection of semi-precious stones present in all its creations. Druzes, lapis lazuli, quartz, moonstone... are just some of the many stones used in their jewelry. The beauty of these irregular stones as well as their characteristic color make these jewels an original accessory that should not be missing in any wardrobe.

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