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Big Earrings

Large earrings, do they favor us or not?

Normally we do not give the importance that earrings have, an essential complement in a careful and well thought out look. It is clear that each person is favored by different types of earrings, and although we know that the finest and smallest are very elegant, large earrings also have a place in our jewelry box, since on many occasions showy ones favor us more than some very inconspicuous.

Just as we spend time choosing our clothes and shoes, we must spend time choosing our accessories , our makeup, our jewelry... One of the accessories that we should best combine are earrings, these jewelry that seem to be unimportant, have a great influence on the final look, therefore you have to choose them thinking a lot about our clothes, hairstyle and other accessories.

Many times we associate large earrings with very extravagant or inelegant ways of dressing, but it doesn't always have to be that way, large earrings can also be beautiful, elegant and simple to combine with a wide variety of clothes. Some large, beautiful and elegant earrings that attract attention without being combined with any other jewelery so as not to be too overloaded, it is a very good option to go to a celebration and go simple but at the same time spectacular.


The type of earring that suits us best depends largely on our face and our haircut. XXL earrings don't look good on people with square faces, but on people with oval faces they look great. If you are rather tall than short, large ones will also suit you better, since if you are short it is best to opt for simpler ones.

Your clothes and other accessories are also in charge of deciding whether or not to wear large earrings. If you want the protagonist to be a striking necklace, you cannot compete with large earrings, if, on the contrary, you opt for clothing sober, simple, without prints, and if you decide not to wear any flashy jewelry , it is time to wear large and visible ones. The important thing is not to go too overloaded, not to saturate the look and give the prominence that you want each of your accessories to have every day, but not all at the same time.

Although large earrings are fashionable, it does not mean that you can wear them at any time. XXL earrings are perfect for a night out, they can be made of stones, shiny, vintage... but they are not suitable for all occasions. Feathers, earrings with long fringes of various colors or the typical gold and silver hoops are some of the XXL earrings that are still very present today. Feathers have always been associated with a hippy way of dressing, but in recent times this type of accessory has been adapted to all styles.

Therefore, we must take into account how flattering large earrings are, and have more than one pair in our jewelry box to be able to wear them on the occasions that most favor us.

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