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long earrings

Long earrings are in fashion and it is evident. Gone are the small and discreet earrings to give way to elongated and sophisticated shapes.

There is no doubt that a pair of earrings can completely change the style of a look and become the true protagonists of it, especially in outfits for a formal event.

There are multiple designs of long earrings , despite the fact that most of those that we find in stores or see on red carpets are those that contain numerous crystals or stones of a wide variety of colors.

Of course, these types of earrings are worn, they have been doing so for some time now and the precious combinations of shapes and colors that we can find in this type of accessory are endless.

However, there are more types of long earrings that are being presented as upcoming jewelry trends. This is the case of earrings with tassels, pompoms or fringes, which are the perfect complement to spring/summer outfits.

Another current fashion in jewelry , increasingly present, is to wear a single long earring , preferably with the hair collected on the other side. This trend is very trendy and gives a casual, original touch and full of personality to any look . There are already several actresses who have joined this new trend of wearing accessories, among which are Emma Watson or Cloë Sevigny.

Ear-cuffs are probably the most sophisticated accessories we've talked about. These pieces are not earrings as such, but are a decorative element for the ear that can be worn without having to pierce it. In some cases they can be somewhat vulgar, but there is more and more variety and there are really beautiful, simple and elegant ones, such as those recently worn by Keira Knightley or Emma Stone at the SAG Awards .

Therefore, if you are looking for fashionable and original long earrings that add personality to your outfits, take a look at the collection of exclusive earrings from Tiahra online jewelry and be surprised by the different designs.

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