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Original Earrings

If you are looking for original and exclusive earrings , the proposals that we have at Tiahra jewelry will not leave you indifferent. These are pieces made by hand in India with semi-precious stones from the country. There are no two identical earrings, the stones they carry are similar but never the same as they are natural stones. If we add to this that each earring is made by hand, the result is a unique jewel with its own personality.

The semi- precious stones that we use for the Tiahra collections are also original and genuine from India. It is enough to see its colors and textures to realize that we are facing a jewel with character, youthful and very daring. We work interchangeably with long and short earrings, thinking about the lengths to go to parties or to dress more formally and we use short earrings, normally with a single stone, for a more casual look, for day to day.

All the brand's earrings are gold- plated . This golden tone combines perfectly with the intense colors of many of our gems (drusen, lapizlazuli, labradorite, moonstone, agate, onyx...etc).

All of this makes Tiahra's earrings an original and fun accessory that you can combine with different styles. IF you are thinking of a different gift, the offer from our jewelry firm could be an alternative. In our collections we work with all the shapes of earrings you can imagine; rectangular, round, square, teardrop-shaped, with one or several stones...etc.

The length of the earrings varies greatly from one model to another, having in our collection models that exceed 5 cm. Most of our long earrings are mobile, unlike rigid earrings, these have movement between their pieces, which gives them even more prominence if possible.

Regarding the closures of our earrings, most of them use the famous pressure closure, easy and comfortable to put them on whenever you want.

Whether you are looking for a different gift , or if you are looking to treat yourself without spending a lot of money, Tiahra's offer leaves no one indifferent. Among our jewelry clients we find young girls aged 20 and over who are looking for a fun jewel, to women over 40 who want to wear a jewel with the personality of many of the pieces in our collection.

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