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Earrings For Women

Earrings are an essential accessory for a woman , in fact many of us feel naked or very uncomfortable if one day we forget them. Earrings give a woman femininity and elegance, although depending on their design and their characteristics they transmit one thing or another.

We want to take advantage of this post on the occasion of the imminent arrival of Christmas, since on many occasions women's earrings are the perfect gift.

There is a great multitude of types of earrings, and each woman has personal tastes and different from those of the others, therefore, the more we know a woman, the easier it will be to hit the earrings. However, despite the fact that there are countless types and designs of earrings, we can mainly divide them into two large groups: short earrings and long earrings .

Short earrings tend to be used more on a daily basis, due to their comfort and discretion, while long earrings are used more often on more specific or special occasions. For this reason, it will always be easier to find short earrings for a woman, since they will probably be more useful or easier to combine. Although, on the other hand , long earrings give more play and are more showy, so if you know a woman's tastes well, the choice will be more personal and they will surely surprise her to a greater degree.

In addition to the previous classification, earrings can also be divided according to the materials with which they are made. It is there precisely where the difference that makes some earrings can be considered as jewelry or costume jewelery is found.

Taking into account the current difficult economic situation, for many people the idea of ​​giving a piece of jewelery may be unthinkable and, on the other hand, a piece of jewelery is sometimes scarce. As a solution to this dilemma, the so-called high fashion jewelery was born, such as Tiahra's jewels.

At Tiahra we take great care in making our earrings, just like the rest of our jewelry, and we use high-quality materials in their manufacture, which distinguishes us from jewelry firms. In addition, as you well know, Tiahra's jewels are all unique, as a result of their handmade production, which gives each jewel added value.

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