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Give away a jewel

February 14 is approaching , Valentine 's Day. Many of you are looking for a jewel to give for Valentine's Day but you are not sure. In this post we will try to give you some clues and gift ideas for your couples on such a romantic date.

They say that Valentine's Day is nothing more than a strategy of large commercial areas to encourage consumption, but do you really know where this tradition comes from that, like so many others, we import from Anglo-Saxon countries?

As a curiosity, tell you that in Japan the tradition on Valentine's Day is for women to give chocolate to men, whether they are relatives, friends or co-workers, and a "special" chocolate to their lovers.

Although Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day , began to be celebrated in Spain in the mid-20th century, the origins of this celebration and its association with couples in love go back to the time of the Roman Empire.

In some countries, Valentine's Day commemorates not only the love of a couple but also friendship, and the truth is that, whether or not it was invented in commercial areas, it is a deeply rooted tradition that is now spread throughout more than half the world, with various characteristics depending on the country.

In Spain it is basically celebrated with the exchange of gifts and cards between couples and, even with the underlying skepticism that it is a commercial invention, the reality is that there are many people who keep alive the tradition of giving a gift every February 14 to your lover or girlfriend.

While with the gifts that are made on the occasion of any other event, functionality and practicality are perhaps more sought after, the challenge of Valentine's gifts lies, above all, in surprising and being original . And, at the same time, romantic.

Here are some ideas to give to your partner on the occasion of such an important date.

Give a ring for Valentine's Day:

The problem with giving a ring , on many occasions, is that we do not know the size of our partner's ring. Tiahra solves this problem with her line of adjustable rings. If you are looking for a ring to give as a gift, you have no excuse, you can choose from our wide collection the one that best suits your tastes.

Give earrings on Valentine's Day:

Sometimes we don't want to give a ring because our partner doesn't usually wear rings. In this case, giving away original earrings could be an option to consider. Do not hesitate to visit our collection of earrings with natural stones, a perfect complement for such an important occasion.
What can you give on Valentine's Day if your budget is higher?

In this case, our recommendation is to give a necklace with natural stones, a gift that will not leave her indifferent.

In any case, the important thing is the detail (and not only on Valentine's Day, any date is a good time to give a gift to the loved one).

We want to celebrate with you this special day for lovers, for this reason and until February 10, 2015, we offer you a 10% discount on any of our jewels:

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